18 Jun

One the latest trends that I find SO fabulous is that brides and grooms are picking their wedding parties more and more based on their relationships and who stands up on their side rather than like a 6th grade school dance with boys on one side, girls on the other.

So yes, I can experience this trend real-time...I am so honored to be asked to be a groomswoman for the very first time! A dear friend of mine is getting married this fall and he has asked me to stand up on his side along with his other closest friends - guys and girls alike. Fantastic idea! I would have loved to have my brother by MY side!

However, with this comes a whole new learning experience as we prep for the big day and make sure we are doing everything we girl friends can to support the groom - and look amazing too.

One of my first thoughts was...this is awesome editorial material! My second thought was...seriously...what's the plan? I love my friend but does he really know what it takes to get the female half ready to be in a wedding party...it's more than renting a tux?!? Dress? Hair? Shoes? Accessories? Nails?

With all these questions, I think this is best suited for ongoing updates on GetMarried so we can cover all the bases for any groomswoman in the same boat (and maybe I can even get the groom to contribute with the Dude's Point of View!)

Let's start with the dress...first of all, I was happy to learn it WAS a dress and not a girl-tux (as much as I love an amazing tuxedo pant - and yes, Jane Lynch can rock the YSL tux...I was hoping for a cute frock - and ideally with pockets!) 

I immediately enlisted the help of one of my favorite bridal boutiques, Flutter Boutique and came up with a few options to run by the lovely bride and groom. Ultimately, we decided on something more structured so it would align best with the groomsmen's tuxes and not compete with the lace of the bridesmaids dresses.

Wa-la!! Here is our pick for the groomswoman dress...simple, classic and chic. The perfect LBD. Very Audrey Hepburn-esque. I it! 


alfred sung D528



Black? Check. Short? Check. Pockets? Check. (Yahoo!). Ordered? Check.

Next on the list are shoes, accessories, hair, nails...and the bachelor party?!?! Stay tuned - especially when I get feature it as a Real Wedding this Fall!


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