06 Feb


Best Day Ever.

I have been waiting to share this post until the we got closer to the Winter Olympic Games. Not only would it be a fun reminder of my most recent Best Day Ever but also lend itself to the pure joy of team spirit, trying something new and the Olympic Games.

Crazy enough, I have had Learning to Curl (and that's not my hair) on my list of things to do. I have been fascinated with this game every since I was first exposed to it watching the Winter Games. A rock. A broom. Ice. A serious deep lunge. Yipping and cat calls. Oh, and of course, finesse. It's like chess on ice.

Minneosta is a hotbed for curling Olympians. Look at Team USA here! Minnesota is more than well represented and I love it! I would randomly hear about this subculture of curlers in my neck of the woods. They were always so passionate and happy about thieir strategic game on ice but the game itself always seemed so mysterious to me. I wanted to see if I could get a taste pre-Sochi...and who knows? Maybe find a secret talent?

So, for my birthday, I asked my friends to join me in what I jokingly called My Road to Sochi (which I have compeltely over-hastagged, sorry) and to learn to curl. Of course, they were game. They too thought there might be a chance for a secret talent reveal from someone!

Everyone was a little nervous. (This has to be WAY harder than it looks?) Everyone considered doing more yoga for that deep lunge seen in every curling picture googled. (No pulled hamstrings, please!) Even some were watching YouTube and researching terms. (I just love to say the word "bonspiel.") The anticipation was awesome...I smile just thinking about it.

And of course, we needed some team apparel! So GO USA mittens were sent as the Save The Date to get everyone's patriotic juices flowing. 


My Best Day Ever happened at Frogtown Curling Club in St. Paul.

We had the most amazing host and coach, Lionel. He's legit. So fun and patient. He truly helped us learn curling techniques, was quite the storyteller and got us through our first mini bonspiel. 


A couple things we needed to do before we got started was pick teams (nothing better than friendly competition with this crew), play the Olympic theme song on my iPhone and of course, make a toast!







With nervous giggles, pomp and circumstance and even an official coin toss complete...it was time to learn how to throw some rocks and sweep!










I was beaming the whole time. And this crew rocked it. (Ps. the white hats won, drinks on the red hats. It's curling etiquette. Cheers!)


It was addicting and we were soon googling curling clubs closer to home to see if we could take our show on the road. I think some secret talent (or maybe just a potential hobby) was discovered for a few of us! Pays to try something new.

Hands down, curling is legitimately awesome.


Best Day Ever. Go Team USA!




Photos by Jordi Lee Photography




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