23 Oct



For my own sake, I have to do a post on my most wonderful trip last week to the coolest, quaintest seaside town of Akumal, Mexico. (My kids didn't even want me to disclose the location because it is such a gem!) It was a family trip in lieu of Spring Break (yes, in October) now that sports and travel schedules don't accomodate that traditional getaway in March or April.

I have to admit I was a little nervous with it being on the tail-end of hurricane season but were blessed with the most perfect weather...eight days of sunshine and eighty degrees! (Even more blessed than we realized as we came home to the first snowflakes of the season?!?! Eek.)

I also made an attempt to be as "unplugged" as possible and recharge. Limited wi-fi helped my cause but it was sure refreshing to just simply soak it all in and enjoy.

Sun. Sand. Breezes. Giggles. Games. Nature. Family. New faces. Food. Colors. Culture. Language. Treasures. Music. Heaven.

As this awesome week already seems forever ago, our sun-kissed cheeks are fading and unplugged is no longer an option, I thought I'd share a few (okay, more than a few but it was so hard to narrow them down!) of my favorite things from the trip...if not for ongoing inspiration but to make me smile and warm up.

 view.jpgSea of blue.akumalart.jpgI fell in love with this heart and beaded pouch.

feet.jpgThe road to Happy Hour.

mariachi.jpgAlways colorful.

footprints.jpgLoved our beach walks to dinner. La Lunitas was our fave.

beach.jpgHmmm....beach or pool. Big decisions of the day.

fishing.jpgDeep sea fishing with Capt. Rick's.

boys.jpgAlways snorkeling and swimming with turtles or playing football on the beach.

coconutbear.jpgObsessed with coconuts and this STUNNING Zapotec art. All pigments are from organic materials. Mind-blowing.

road.jpgMy walk to the coffee shop each morning as I scouted out my dream house.

akumalart2.jpgArm candy for days and colorful skulls.


Truth. It's universal.

dolphin.jpgSwimming with the dolphins. Bucket list.

roof.jpgBright white + Sky blue = Happy

lazebra.jpgBest guacamole and my second favorite corona at La Zebra in Tulum.

orchid.jpgEven more huge and beautiful than it looks.

turtles.jpgTrip highlight: helping baby sea turtles get to the ocean after they hatched. A-mazing.

fam.jpgLucky me with my favorite boys.

akumalbeach.jpgHopefully the first of many visits to this gem in Mexico.

Salud! Muchas gracias! Mu-wahh Akumal! We'll be back...

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