08 Aug


We had been in Boulder for 3 days and after being so diligent on hydrating, resting, eating clean and Vitamin C, (okay, we strategically sipped a few glasses of vino), Mt. Bierstadt was before us!

Pretty confident I could physically do this...hopeful that I could mentally do this...and praying I didn't get altitude sickness, I just kept remembering a picture of an 11 year old girl at the top and thought if she can do it...so can I! Right?!?

Up and on the road way before dawn...


Grateful to find this along the way...at this hour and alittude, this was my liquid courage.


I loved the little town of Georgetown at the base of the Guanella Pass which led us up to the trail head in Mount Evans Wilderness.


A little giddy, a little quiet and a little chilly...me, my sister-in-law Steph and Janell were off to begin a 6 hour journey that honestly words won't do justice in describing but am hopeful pictures will help!

Unsure of what the weather may bring (even though it looks perfect at the start), we are packed with layers, Camelbacks full of water, protein-filled snacks and charged phones for pics. We signed the ledger (had to document!) and pinkie-swore that we would all make it to the top! 14,065 feet.



And we are off...

Thank goodness for the breath-taking (literally) views along the way as well as the sprinkling of alpine flora that was petite, sturdy and happy at each elevation. My personal inspiration - petite. sturdy. happy. This definitely made pacing ourselves all the better. Petite, sturdy, happy ants marching.




Are we there yet?! Not even close...ha! But it was the perfect time to break out into song with a few ditties from the Sound of Music soundtrack! Who can resist "The hills are alive...", "Do, re, mi..." and "A few of my favorite things..." with this backdrop?!?! Well...maybe the couple next to us.

Time to refuel and give a shout out to Juno who gave us each a Hello Kitty tattoo the night before. 



Good call as the next 40 minutes were pretty quiet among us as the altitude was increasing fast and everyone seemed to be going in slow motion. Hearts racing, calves burning. This is where you heard choice words from fellow hikers, people questioned their own (or whoever they were with's) motivation (who's idea was this anyway?!)...and often referred to this stretch as the F-U Pass on this beautful day. Quiet, tolerant ants marching.



We've hit snow! Yippee! Now only needing to scale the boulders to the summit...



The energy and chatter had increased by everyone as we were so close to the top...after what was a journey in a journey to this point.

And this actually was my favorite part...I channeled my inner-mountain goat. Hopping from boulder to boulder. What a rush! We did it! (and to think I'm afraid of heights?!)


The summit was such a happy place...beers being cracked open, photo after photo, food sharing, hugs, tears...a girls' soccer team, a Cub Scout troop, newlyweds, friends and even a CrossFit group doing 14 burpees each?! Everyone here had a different reason for climbing...and the energy at the top proves they made it!


A-mazing. HUGE. Spiritual. AWE-some. Boundless. VAST. On top of the world. CRAZY.



Feeling like a million bucks, I owe it to my bro and his insight and advice along with Steph and Janell who were with me every step of the way...you guys are the best and I can't wait until our next adventure!

After clipping it down the mountain to beat the incoming storm, we stopped for a celebratory coffee in the cute little town at the base of the mountain and walked by this rock in a store window...it couldn't be more fitting. 


14,065 feet. Bucket list. Check. That's how we roll...now go climb YOUR mountain...Cheers!

signatureHeather o xo


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