18 Mar

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It's the most wonderful time of the year....

I am absolutely mad about March Madness and the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament! I think it represents one of the most true and exhilarating journeys to name a champion in all of sports. Love that the underdog has a fair chance to compete for the national title. 

While I am a sports fan through and through, college basketball definitely owns a big part of my heart. Alum to a basketball dominate university, having worked for the Men's Basketball Coach as a student and member of the collegiate cheer squad, loving college basketball is naturally part of me (and one of the things that instantly connected my husband and I!) heartYellow

Needless to say, every year I anxiously wait for March and the committee to announce the top 68 teams and the brackets for "The Big Dance" once all of the conference tournaments have ended. It has truly become a family affair as we all fill them out and place our bets and diligently highlight and X out the teams as each game wraps up. We long for our favorite teams to make it to a city near us for even Regional play and better yet, make it to the Final Four! (ahhh...remembering a last minute road trip to New Orleans 2003...so fun!)

So join the madness and print some brackets, make some unlikely predictions (even if it has to be by who has the coolest mascot, we don't judge!) and wear your team's colors proudly over the next few weeks on the road to Atlanta...and of course, Go Marquette!


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