28 Feb


Alt Summit. Sigh. Where do I begin?! Smile.

I will preface this post with (1) it's not wedding specific (but keep reading, there's some good stuff!) and (2) it's the coolest thing I've ever done in my career.

A relative newbie on the blogging scene, my journey to the Alt Summit was nearly a year-long process that culminated in Salt Lake City - alongside some of the most talented, friendly, smart, insightful (and stylish!) hipster lady-bloggers in the world (okay, there were a handful of guys). No exaggeration. This was amazing.

Entering the blogesphere less than a year ago (eek!), I knew out of the gates that I needed some insight into this subculture of the infamous blogger. And the first place I looked was some of MY favorite blogs (Say Yes To Hoboken, Camille Styles, Apartment Therapy, Hank & Hunt). At that time, everyone happened to be doing recaps of this illusive "Alt Summit 2012" and what seemed like the mecca of all blogging and cool people.

Alt is defined as the definitive resource for the very serious business of beautiful, brillant blogging.

I'm in! I was immediately determined to figure out how to attend in 2013. The images, the stories, the videos...all so engaging and full of passion and like-minded people. 

Needless to say the process to get a ticket to this wildy-popular event was more stressful than getting tickets to a Madonna concert?!? I was watching Twitter feeds race across the registration page while I deliberated over dinner and class options that were filling up right before my eyes. Yoga breathing required. While the event sold out in a crazy 30 minutes, gratefully I was in (and so was my photographer!) AND better yet, we had a room on-site at The Grand America Hotel (ummm...a ridiculously GRAND place more than worthy of its name.)

Months passed and I kept hyping up my pilgrimage to Salt Lake City and Alt to my friends, family and anyone who would listen...who are we kidding?! (many had no clue what I was talking about but either appreciated my passion - or called me crazy!) Well... I am more than happy to (finally) report that Alt exceeded all expectations...and yes, I may be a little crazy.


I am told I light up when I talk about what an incredible experience it was and can't help but share some of what I learned - even to the non-blogger folk. First of all, the HUGEST of thank yous to Jordi of Jordi Lee Photography who joined me on this journey with her own great energy, enthusiasm and even blog crushes. (Yes, how lucky am I to have had a photographer join me and capture the three days - AND be the best roomie and seat saver ever!?!)

While I have a whole notebook full of notes, here are some things that resonated with me as I digest all of this gourmet food for thought...and not all are about rock star blogging...great life lessons too.


 And a few other gems that I took home (no round table needed...)

  • Business cards can be your best accessory.
  • Buy a pair of pretty scissors.
  • Get some cute glasses and learn to do a top knot.

Now here's some eye candy from the wondrous three days (so hard to narrow down from 600+ photos?!)...hope you get a good feel for the magic of Alt.

The Welcome Dinner sponsored by Minted, complete with the cutest party decor from their new line (I love this stuff!) and a great group of bloggers...


The BING lounge...the perfect place to recharge, be inspired and even photo booth!


Quickly making connections and new friends...

friendsjlpKirsten Krason | Lisa Anderson Shaeffer | Camille Styles | Mariam Naficy | Liz Stanley

and more friends! So cool to meet people in person that you only knew virtually!

friends2jlp Chelsea Andrews | Darcy Miller | Jenny Batt | Emily Henderson

The Land of Nod lounge was a crafting fairyland filled with paper crowns, embellishments and macarons...a fun retreat.


And the shoes were just as fun as the business cards...


 IMG 3531

 FABULOUS sessions where I wish I could have cloned myself and attended more!

8415552392 5154cf695d bphoto by justin hackworth

8420827048 96599d597d zphoto by justin hackworth

An over-the-top Clue-inspired evening fete where the Ballroom was transformed into a giant Clue board!


And for the final evening we celebrated with NINE mini parties oozing with swag, inspiration and of course, a dance party!


It makes me smile seeing these images again and again...what awesome ongoing inspiration and memories. 

8419786601 3648868001 cphoto by justin hackworth

I look forward to all of the friendships and connections made - and the next Alt! Hmmm...San Francisco or NYC? Decisions...


signatureHeather o


Photo credit: Jordi Lee Photography

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