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28 Mar


...so happy to learn that Amanda of Be Crafty Workshop has one scheduled for April in Minneapolis! Registered. Check!

...been overdosing on this BLT Chopped Salad with Avocado, Corn and Feta recipe from How Sweet It Is. SO yummy!

...committed to make over my master suite after pining over all of the Scandinavian white interiors.

...every spring package should be topped with fresh flowers as shown by Studio DIY.

...chanelling my inner-southern belle with this uber-romantic Southern wedding on Ruffled. The floral chandelier is drop-dead gorgeous.

...every pool party this summer needs to have DIY floating flower wreaths like the geometric ones on Paper + Stitch.

...as much as I am over the continued snowfall in Minnesota this week, I am a bit giddy with the sneak peek of Madewell's Fall Collection.

...couldn't be more happy than to have backed Gramr Gratitude Co. Worthy subscription and beautiful cards.  Gratitude Changes Everything.

Happy weekend!



06 Feb


Best Day Ever.

I have been waiting to share this post until the we got closer to the Winter Olympic Games. Not only would it be a fun reminder of my most recent Best Day Ever but also lend itself to the pure joy of team spirit, trying something new and the Olympic Games.

Crazy enough, I have had Learning to Curl (and that's not my hair) on my list of things to do. I have been fascinated with this game every since I was first exposed to it watching the Winter Games. A rock. A broom. Ice. A serious deep lunge. Yipping and cat calls. Oh, and of course, finesse. It's like chess on ice.

Minneosta is a hotbed for curling Olympians. Look at Team USA here! Minnesota is more than well represented and I love it! I would randomly hear about this subculture of curlers in my neck of the woods. They were always so passionate and happy about thieir strategic game on ice but the game itself always seemed so mysterious to me. I wanted to see if I could get a taste pre-Sochi...and who knows? Maybe find a secret talent?

So, for my birthday, I asked my friends to join me in what I jokingly called My Road to Sochi (which I have compeltely over-hastagged, sorry) and to learn to curl. Of course, they were game. They too thought there might be a chance for a secret talent reveal from someone!

Everyone was a little nervous. (This has to be WAY harder than it looks?) Everyone considered doing more yoga for that deep lunge seen in every curling picture googled. (No pulled hamstrings, please!) Even some were watching YouTube and researching terms. (I just love to say the word "bonspiel.") The anticipation was awesome...I smile just thinking about it.

And of course, we needed some team apparel! So GO USA mittens were sent as the Save The Date to get everyone's patriotic juices flowing. 


My Best Day Ever happened at Frogtown Curling Club in St. Paul.

We had the most amazing host and coach, Lionel. He's legit. So fun and patient. He truly helped us learn curling techniques, was quite the storyteller and got us through our first mini bonspiel. 


A couple things we needed to do before we got started was pick teams (nothing better than friendly competition with this crew), play the Olympic theme song on my iPhone and of course, make a toast!







With nervous giggles, pomp and circumstance and even an official coin toss complete...it was time to learn how to throw some rocks and sweep!










I was beaming the whole time. And this crew rocked it. (Ps. the white hats won, drinks on the red hats. It's curling etiquette. Cheers!)


It was addicting and we were soon googling curling clubs closer to home to see if we could take our show on the road. I think some secret talent (or maybe just a potential hobby) was discovered for a few of us! Pays to try something new.

Hands down, curling is legitimately awesome.


Best Day Ever. Go Team USA!




Photos by Jordi Lee Photography




31 Dec


Cheers to an awesome 2013!

Thank you to everyone who shared with their support, inspiration and friendship...truly blessed.

Tomorrow is the blank page on a 365 page book. Write a good one.

signatureHeather_o150.png xo

23 Dec


Wishing everyone the happiest of holidays!

Cheers to you and yours...


09 Dec

If you don't know who Moorea Seal is (where have you been?!), I am going to introduce you. She is fabulously cool. Part boho, part urban chic. She was one of the first people I followed on Pinterest YEARS ago, and someone I have been lucky enough to meet and hang out with on occasion at different events this past year.

I was first enamored with her arrowhead jewelry that I discovered on Etsy. And this past year, she also launched The Moorea Seal Store, an online mecca of all things beautiful and handmade by artists from all over the country. Inspired by Seattle and the Pacific Northwest, the curated collection is fresh, rustic yet metropolitan.

In addition to making pretty things, she has created an empowered community that supports causes close to their hearts with their Do Good, Do Great motto coupled with proceeds from every purchase being donated to various non-profit organizations. What's not to love?!?

And here are a few of the favorites on my holiday wish list!


1. Wandering Willow Scarf | 2. Katrina Bracelet | 3. Harlow Clutch | 4. Beer and Food 2014 Calendar | 5. Deliah | 6. Crosshatch Knit Beanie | 7. Courage Wall Hanging | 8. Feather Tumbler | 9. Desert Monument Necklace | 10. 12-Month Zodiac Constellation Card Set | 11. Glass Diamond Terrarium




23 Oct



For my own sake, I have to do a post on my most wonderful trip last week to the coolest, quaintest seaside town of Akumal, Mexico. (My kids didn't even want me to disclose the location because it is such a gem!) It was a family trip in lieu of Spring Break (yes, in October) now that sports and travel schedules don't accomodate that traditional getaway in March or April.

I have to admit I was a little nervous with it being on the tail-end of hurricane season but were blessed with the most perfect weather...eight days of sunshine and eighty degrees! (Even more blessed than we realized as we came home to the first snowflakes of the season?!?! Eek.)

I also made an attempt to be as "unplugged" as possible and recharge. Limited wi-fi helped my cause but it was sure refreshing to just simply soak it all in and enjoy.

Sun. Sand. Breezes. Giggles. Games. Nature. Family. New faces. Food. Colors. Culture. Language. Treasures. Music. Heaven.

As this awesome week already seems forever ago, our sun-kissed cheeks are fading and unplugged is no longer an option, I thought I'd share a few (okay, more than a few but it was so hard to narrow them down!) of my favorite things from the trip...if not for ongoing inspiration but to make me smile and warm up.

 view.jpgSea of blue.akumalart.jpgI fell in love with this heart and beaded pouch.

feet.jpgThe road to Happy Hour.

mariachi.jpgAlways colorful.

footprints.jpgLoved our beach walks to dinner. La Lunitas was our fave.

beach.jpgHmmm....beach or pool. Big decisions of the day.

fishing.jpgDeep sea fishing with Capt. Rick's.

boys.jpgAlways snorkeling and swimming with turtles or playing football on the beach.

coconutbear.jpgObsessed with coconuts and this STUNNING Zapotec art. All pigments are from organic materials. Mind-blowing.

road.jpgMy walk to the coffee shop each morning as I scouted out my dream house.

akumalart2.jpgArm candy for days and colorful skulls.


Truth. It's universal.

dolphin.jpgSwimming with the dolphins. Bucket list.

roof.jpgBright white + Sky blue = Happy

lazebra.jpgBest guacamole and my second favorite corona at La Zebra in Tulum.

orchid.jpgEven more huge and beautiful than it looks.

turtles.jpgTrip highlight: helping baby sea turtles get to the ocean after they hatched. A-mazing.

fam.jpgLucky me with my favorite boys.

akumalbeach.jpgHopefully the first of many visits to this gem in Mexico.

Salud! Muchas gracias! Mu-wahh Akumal! We'll be back...

signatureHeather o


13 Sep


Did you know Martha Stewart Weddings is now shop-able exclusively via REVEL! Briiliant. 

There's nothing like when two of your favorite things come together...

So if you have not already downloaded the Fall Issue, you definitely need to do that stat. And then as you are browsing through all of the pretties and longing for that stunning watercolor maxi dress or those most adorable gold animal placecards, simply head on over the REVEL's shop and click "As seen in Martha Stewart Weddings" and they can be yours on the spot. Love it.




Cheers to instant gratification!

signatureHeather o 

14 Aug



Obsessed and often reflecting on the book, Wild by Cheryl Strayed, I also ran across this little gem authored by her as well.

Knee-deep in all things weddings, I instantly knew I needed to share this excerpt. As always, Cheryl Strayed has such a real and honest perspective. So funny, so lovely, so true...


Dear Sugar,

I’m getting married in July. Why do I feel totally aggressive and angry? How does anyone get through this event?



Dear Aggressive,

My guess is you’re the bride and that you feel aggressive and angry because you’re in wedding planning hell and you’re caught up in all the expectations, outdated fairy tales, overpriced products, and irrational beliefs that one adheres to when one believes it possible to flawlessly orchestrate the behaviors, conversations, drinking habits and outfits of a large group of in-laws, out-laws, friends, strangers and coworkers while simultaneously having a meaningful and intimate exchange with your sweetheart in front of an audience. It is not. Or at least it’s not possible in exactly the way you’re imagining now, sweet pea. I’m quite certain that whatever you’re all worked up about these days—the colors of your napkins, the invitation that should or should not be sent to your mother’s cousin Ray—matters little and whatever will actually happen on that day in July when you get married will positively blow your mind.

Your wedding is going to be a kick, honey bun, but only after you accept that it isn’t something to “get through.” Perhaps it might help to stop thinking about it as the perfect “event,” but rather a messy, beautiful, and gloriously unexpected day in your sweet life. My own wedding was really something, though for a good stretch it appeared that everything had gone to hell. As our one hundred or so guests arrived, it was pouring rain and we’d made no rain contingency plans for our outdoor wedding. Mr. Sugar realized he forgot his pants sixty miles away, back in the city where we lived, and I realized I forgot the marriage license. My mother-in-law arrived dressed like a sheepherder from Biblical times if sheepherders from Biblical times wore teal and one of my old friends pulled me aside to grill me about why I hadn’t chosen her to be a bridesmaid. I couldn’t find the bobby pins I’d brought to pin my veil to my hair and then once other bobby pins had been purchased, in a mad dash relay effort that involved two local drugstores, I and seven of my girlfriends couldn’t get the god damn veil to stay on my head.

Many of those things seemed calamitous at the time, but they are now among my most treasured memories of that day. If they hadn’t happened, I’d have never run down the street in the rain holding Mr. Sugar’s hand laughing and crying at the same time because I was going to have to marry him in a dingy library basement instead of on the banks of a beautiful river. I’d have never felt the way it feels when everyone you know volunteers to drive at an illegal speed to retrieve a pair of pants and a piece of paper. I’d have never known what a Biblical-times sheepherder might look like in teal, or that important piece of information about my old friend. And I wouldn’t have been so distracted by getting those god damned bobby pins in my hair that I didn’t realize the rain had stopped and Mr. Sugar had discreetly enlisted our guests to carry one hundred white wooden chairs a quarter mile, from the terrible library basement back to the grassy spot on the banks of the beautiful river, where I hoped to marry him in the sunlight and did.

We all get lost in the minutiae, but don’t lose this day. Make a list of everything that needs to be seen to and decided and worried about between now and July and then circle the things that matter the most to you and do them right. Delegate or decide on the other stuff and refuse to worry anymore. Let your wedding be a wonder. Let it be one hell of a good time. Let it be what you can’t yet imagine and wouldn’t orchestrate even if you could. Remember why it is you’ve gone to so much trouble that you’ve been driven to anger and aggression and an online advice columnist. You’re getting married, sweet pea! There’s a day in July that’s a shimmering slice of your mysterious destiny. All you’ve got to do is show up.


Tiny Beautiful Things, authored by Cheryl Strayed

Again, thank you Cheryl Strayed for your fabulous insight. Brilliant.


signatureHeather_o.png xo


08 Aug


We had been in Boulder for 3 days and after being so diligent on hydrating, resting, eating clean and Vitamin C, (okay, we strategically sipped a few glasses of vino), Mt. Bierstadt was before us!

Pretty confident I could physically do this...hopeful that I could mentally do this...and praying I didn't get altitude sickness, I just kept remembering a picture of an 11 year old girl at the top and thought if she can do it...so can I! Right?!?

Up and on the road way before dawn...


Grateful to find this along the way...at this hour and alittude, this was my liquid courage.


I loved the little town of Georgetown at the base of the Guanella Pass which led us up to the trail head in Mount Evans Wilderness.


A little giddy, a little quiet and a little chilly...me, my sister-in-law Steph and Janell were off to begin a 6 hour journey that honestly words won't do justice in describing but am hopeful pictures will help!

Unsure of what the weather may bring (even though it looks perfect at the start), we are packed with layers, Camelbacks full of water, protein-filled snacks and charged phones for pics. We signed the ledger (had to document!) and pinkie-swore that we would all make it to the top! 14,065 feet.



And we are off...

Thank goodness for the breath-taking (literally) views along the way as well as the sprinkling of alpine flora that was petite, sturdy and happy at each elevation. My personal inspiration - petite. sturdy. happy. This definitely made pacing ourselves all the better. Petite, sturdy, happy ants marching.




Are we there yet?! Not even close...ha! But it was the perfect time to break out into song with a few ditties from the Sound of Music soundtrack! Who can resist "The hills are alive...", "Do, re, mi..." and "A few of my favorite things..." with this backdrop?!?! Well...maybe the couple next to us.

Time to refuel and give a shout out to Juno who gave us each a Hello Kitty tattoo the night before. 



Good call as the next 40 minutes were pretty quiet among us as the altitude was increasing fast and everyone seemed to be going in slow motion. Hearts racing, calves burning. This is where you heard choice words from fellow hikers, people questioned their own (or whoever they were with's) motivation (who's idea was this anyway?!)...and often referred to this stretch as the F-U Pass on this beautful day. Quiet, tolerant ants marching.



We've hit snow! Yippee! Now only needing to scale the boulders to the summit...



The energy and chatter had increased by everyone as we were so close to the top...after what was a journey in a journey to this point.

And this actually was my favorite part...I channeled my inner-mountain goat. Hopping from boulder to boulder. What a rush! We did it! (and to think I'm afraid of heights?!)


The summit was such a happy place...beers being cracked open, photo after photo, food sharing, hugs, tears...a girls' soccer team, a Cub Scout troop, newlyweds, friends and even a CrossFit group doing 14 burpees each?! Everyone here had a different reason for climbing...and the energy at the top proves they made it!


A-mazing. HUGE. Spiritual. AWE-some. Boundless. VAST. On top of the world. CRAZY.



Feeling like a million bucks, I owe it to my bro and his insight and advice along with Steph and Janell who were with me every step of the way...you guys are the best and I can't wait until our next adventure!

After clipping it down the mountain to beat the incoming storm, we stopped for a celebratory coffee in the cute little town at the base of the mountain and walked by this rock in a store window...it couldn't be more fitting. 


14,065 feet. Bucket list. Check. That's how we roll...now go climb YOUR mountain...Cheers!

signatureHeather o xo


07 Aug


Inhale. Exhale.

I'm still regrouping after what I'm calling my End of Summer Retreat in Boulder. I've had a wonderful summer but it sure was BUSY and I seemed to be on the road more than ever...whether it was with my boys traveling lacrosse teams or inspirational events fueling GetMarried! Good stuff all around but was looking forward to a complete change of pace and scenery.

My perpertual bucket list has included climbing a 14er. And I think everyone was getting a little tired of me talking about it so I finally bought the flight, recruited a friend to join me and headed west to Colorado to check this adventure off my list!

janell.jpgBFF Janell. Always happy, always willing to join me on my adventures!

The extended weekend turned out to be INCREDIBLE. First of all, I {heart} Boulder. I'm completely spoiled with my brother and his family living there because they are some of my most favorite people...so smart, so resourceful, so fun and so real. Love them to pieces and wish they lived closer!

IMG 4961Juno. My niece who I can't get enough of! Free spirit, happy kid.

Needing a few days to get acclimated to the change in altitude before THE CLIMB, we found some wonderful things to explore and inspire us...and all are highly recommended to anyone going to Boulder.

A few gems on my list...Pearl Street Mall, Mountain Sun Brewery (beer and fries to die for!), the Boulder Dushanbe Teahouse (the most beautiful and de-lish teas and hummus)...

dushanbeteahouse.jpgThe Boulder Dushanbe Teahouse

The historical Colorado Chautauqua (adorable cottages, beautiful backdrop of the Flatirons, Music Festivals and the coziest Dining Hall with a killer breakfast!)...


A hike to Lost Lake...


Even a little needle felting lesson from my sister-in-law over wine...we actually made Juno-approved felted critters!?!


We also ventured out on a Bike to Farm Dinner to The 63rd Street Farm coordinated by AWE-STRUCK Outdoors. FANTASTIC! The perfect way to support the local food revolution that is so strong in Boulder. Beautiful setting, beautiful food and beauitful company...and such an appreciation for the local organic farmer (and a good bike seat!)


And to think we covered all of this ground in preparation of THE CLIMB?!?! 

I'll be posting about our climb to the summit tomorrow! Hint: We made it and it was worth every step! Yippee!


signatureHeather o xo


30 Jul


It's been a crazy busy summer...and my to-do list is still ridiculously long as I consistently have more ideas than time and posts to post. (Which is an awesome issue to have!!) However, they may just have to wait...

Known for my perpetual bucket list of adventures...I'm heading out to Colorado to finally check one off the list. Climb a 14er!

With the added bonus of spending time with my brother and his family in the uber cool town of Boulder, I am looking forward to sharing what the cup spillith over in inspiration from this adventure! Follow me on Instagram for pics along the way.

Again, thinking of those posts to post and things to do, this quote seals the deal as I pack my bags...

Because in the end,
you won't remember
the time you spent
working in the office
or mowing the lawn.
Climb that goddamn mountain.
- Jack Kerouac

(Boarding pass printing...)


signatureHeather n xo




29 Jul

MWD109994-lemon-thyme-cake-07.jpglemon + thyme

One of my favorite mantras is Eat Cake for Breakfast. Yes, I would and yes, I have. I heartPink cake.

Pretty cakes are no-brainers but now it's time for the inside to take center stage!

As a self-proclaimed cake-ologist, I love alll of the new takes on flavors for the traditional wedding cake featured in the Summer 2013 issue of Martha Stewart Weddings. From citrus and herbs to floral notes to juicy fruits to chocolate decadence...enjoy a few of my mouth-watering favorites!

MWD109994-fruity-slices-07.jpgclockwise: passion fruit + lime | blueberry + coconut | raspberry dacquoise

MWD109994-foodie-cake-05.jpgscrumptious s'mores

MWD109994-dessert-slices-08.jpgclockwise: scrumptious s'mores | toffee temptation | zesty mexican hot chocolate | heavenly creme brulee

What's your favorite?! I'll think I'll need to take a bite of each before I confirm mine...

Be sure and check out the entire feature showcasing even more cool flavor combinations on newstands now...or get the digital download!



signatureHeather o


Photos by Romulo Yanes. Courtesy of Martha Stewart Weddings. Copyright © 2013. For more wedding cake ideas, check out www.marthastewartweddings.com.




25 Jul


Stargazing. There's nothing like the big Minnesota sky on a clear summer evening. Up north and lakeside with a glimpse of the Northern Lights is icing on the cake.

Stars are magical. They have such a cool mystique. I love their inspiration. I love their sparkle. I love their energy. The perfect way to infuse a little bit of magic into your celebration.

etsybronzeconstellationnecklace.jpghillary heydle | etsy

edible_stars.jpgedible gold stars | wilton

embroideryhoop.jpgminiature rhino | etsy

etsyflowergirldress.jpgdolores petunia | etsy constellation-pendants-_-scarlett-alley.jpgscarlett alley


etsycufflinks.jpgdonna o designs | etsy

 constellation-seating-chart-_-etsy.jpgred line studio | etsy

26907766_011_a.jpgisadora gown | bhldn 21157235_011_a.jpgstratosphere mary janes | bhldn


zelmarosezelma rose dry goods


hsternstarburstearrings.jpgstarburst earrings | h. stern constellation-spoon-_-etsy.jpgjessica N designs | etsy

star-jar-_-etsy.jpgheysp | etsy

etsycoasters.jpgpepper sprouts | etsy

sagittarius-print-eva-juliet.jpgmon carnet 


 signatureHeather o



15 Jul



My bags are packed...and I'm headed on another wonderful Alt Summit journey full of creativity, passion, inspiration and amazing people! This time in San Francisco, one of favorite cities. Yippee!

San Francisco itself is art, above all lierary art.
Every block is a short story, every hill a novel.
Every home a poem, every dweller within immortal.
That is the whole truth. 
- William Saroyan

Can't wait to share the scoop (Yes, I will be at the Pinterest HQ?! Gasp!)...in the meantime, follow me on Instagram and Twitter to check on some quick pics along the way!


signatureHeather n

04 Jul


From the lakes of Minnesota,
To the hills of Tennessee.
Across the plains of Texas,
From sea to shining sea.

From Detroit down to Houston,
And New York to L.A.
Well there's pride in every American heart,
And its time we stand and say.

That I'm proud to be an American,
Where at least I know I'm free.
And I won't forget the men who died,
Who gave that right to me.
And I gladly stand up,
Next to you and defend her still today.
'Cause there ain't no doubt I love this land,
God bless the USA.

-Lee Greenwood

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