Hi! I'm Heather...

I grew up surrounded by vintage before vintage was cool. My Granny was quite eccentric and near royalty in the land of antique dealers in the Midwest. This made for the interior of my childhood home an eclectic mix of old and new, recycled and repurposed items, oozing with character. The formative years of taste and style for me.

As a little girl, I was always drawing inspiration from fashion magazines and music videos...and always wanting to bring my vision to life through my clothes. Never liking to match, loving to mix designers and styles, working to create a look all my own. Eventually, my style went from clothes to the four walls of my bedroom, apartment or house to my gift wrap or holiday card and of course, to MY wedding and every party I have thrown thereafter...

I'm a wife. A mom. A sister. A daughter. An auntie. A friend. I'm always passionate about details and unique, beautiful things. Appreciating character in people and things. Understanding when less is more. Trusting in my gut instinct more than anything. Finding that simple can be beautiful and that thoughtful really matters.

Some other things about me...

I love paper, horses, parties, ribbon, stripes and plaid. I love fonts, shoes, braids, sports, reality TV and fresh flowers. They start my coffee order for me without asking when I walk into the local Starbucks. My camera is one of my most favorite possessions. I feel I'm a bit psychic. I love to try things that scare me. I have a signature laugh and I truly believe that the happiest girls are the prettiest.}

I'm constantly hunting for the new, fresh and unexpected in all things. When looking for new ideas, products, trends and gifts, I love to dig, find, collect and most of all, share! I have definite favorites and often become their biggest fan. I can't wait to share those with you!

Great to meet you and I look forward to spending some time together here at Get Married!


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