10 Jul

I am so happy to share this ADORABLE couple and their high-flying proposal, captured so perfectly by Alex Fagundo of Soul Echo Studios

Sheph planned an early morning surprise sky diving date with Natalie - and she had NO IDEA what was in store for the morning?!?!

And to think a surprise sky-dive wasn't enough of an adrenaline rush, as Natalie was falling, friends and family held a giant banner...

{Natalie, Will You Marry Me?}

Sheph dropped to one knee after they landed and got a resounding...Yes! (and they can check skydiving off their bucket list!)

skyDiveProposalimages via Soul Echo Studios, Skydiving Company - Skydive Miami

I heart the adventuresome nature of this couple...thanks so much for sharing!

Many cheers to Sheph & Natalie!

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