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06 Feb


I love Fashion Week about as much as I love ponies (which is alot!) It is definitely on my bucket list of things to do in this wonderful lifetime...

Not only are the collections, the music, the sets and the people watching full of inspiration and ridiculous creativity...I love how that same energy is captured in the designers invitations to their shows. Getting one of these in my mailbox would be squeal-worthy!

Here are a few curated by Refinery29 that caught my eye and could be oh-so coolly translated into an invitation to any chic wedding, save the date or dinner party. (Okay maybe not exactly the petrie dish by Mathieu Mirano but it is cool and you get the gist...)

FashionWeekInvitesMoffatLauren Moffat

FWPrabalPrabal Gurung


FWRagandBonerag & bone

FWMinkoffRebecca Minkoff


FWMathieuMiranoMathieu Mirano

FWADetacherA Détacher

Now if only we could all RSVP to one of these fine shows?!? In the meantime, think beyond the runway and jump ahead of the curve with invitations so chica!


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Photo credit: Refinery29

07 Sep
 Matchbox-Twenty-MAIN---Photo-Courtesy-of-Bloomingdales-by-Cliff-Watts-webPhoto Courtesy of Bloomingdales by Cliff Watts

There's nothing like getting a heads up from Atlantic Records about some fresh new tunes coming from one of my favorite bands, Matchbox Twenty.

So attention all brides and sentimental ballad lovers, I am loving "Overjoyed". With it's raw indie-influenced sound, it is sure to be an immediate fan favorite and playing on wedding reception dance floors before you know it.

And I love the video. Sigh. Swoon. It takes me back. Great storytelling...that makes the song even sweeter.


Be sure to check out the rest of their first new studio set since 2002, "North", released just this week.

I am overjoyed to see Rob Thomas and the boys again!


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21 Aug


Bravo. Lifetime. It doesn't matter to me. I can completely watch Project Runway for hours. Long live the weekend marathons!

Maybe it's because I'm secretly afraid of my sewing machine. Bobbins. Tension. Eek! Oh, I wish I could create what even the most unconventional contestants can create.

And now to see PR alums with their ridicoulously beautiful bridal collections, I wanted to share some of my favorites!

Christian Siriano - Season 4 Winner

christian-siriano-spring-2012wedding inspirasi

christian-siriano-taylor-swiftmerci new york

christian-siriano-wedding-dress-2012wedding inspirasi

gold-christian-siriano-dress 400chictopia

Irina Shabayeva - Season 6 Winner

irina2irina shabayeva via etsy

irina3irina shabayeva

irina4irina shabayeva

Irinairina shabayeva via etsy

Rami Kashou - Season 4

5-minutes-with-bebe-bridal-designer-rami-kashou-3  fullone wed

bridal 20120405 bebe banner sized 440 325 80 s c1buffalo brides

ramia kiss of color

Chloe Dao - Season 2

Chloe-DaoChloe Dao

chloe dao2chloe dao

Carol Hannah Whitfield - Season 6

carolhannah3carol hannah

carolhannahpemberely-side-detailCarol Hannah

carolhannah2carol hannah

Austin Scarlett - Season 1 & All Star - Season 1 Winner

8717Fsbj weddings

bridal 2austin scarlett bridal

bridal 11austin scarlett bridal

bridal 6austin scarlett bridal

bridal 23austin scarlett bridal 

Nick Verreros - Season 2

nickverreoes2nick verreos - where style happens

nickverreosnick verreos - where style happens

Leanne Marshall - Season 5 Winner

leannemarshall2one wed

leannemarshallleanne marshall

leannemarshall4leanne marshall

Leanne-Marshall-trunk-show100 layer cake

Leanne Marshall IS lovely. I have seen this dress in person at Flutter and I pick it up EVERY time and try to come up with a party I need to wear it to. I heartPink it.

Last time I was in NYC, all I wanted to do was wander aimlessly around Mood and meet Swatch, the store mascot. It was closed. Sigh.

1 swatch policymood fabrics

Next time, I 'll MAKE IT WORK!


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25 Jul

LA-5Rock n Roll Bride

Between the Queen's Diamond Jubilee and the 2012 Summer Olympics...not to mention the ongoing fairytale romance of Wills and Kate, London is the perfect backdrop for some brilliant wedding details.

Here's what I find to be truly the bee's knees when infusing some British charm...

 BEST-OF-BRITISH-WEDDING-DECORATION-015segerius bruce photography

23H10BCRM large.jpg2linda scanell photography


 287104544965316736 ACjiW5vY fLavender & Ash

 Union-Jack-Save-the-Date-full-view1in the treehouse

Jess-Dan-21.04.12-139-of-356Rock n Roll Bride

almcqueen-clutchalexander mcqueen  British-Flag-Wedding-Theme3happy wedding wishes

30-short-wedding-dress-uk-bunting-red-heels-stonedelightfully engaged

179304 in lhunter  23H10BCRM largetopshop

il 570xN.280656392seahorse bend press

tumblr lxhot5hijd1r9hgn9o2 500tumblr il fullxfull.296885350apple door studio

 bijoux-bride-real-wedding-67-informal-london-wedding-tapas-and-sunflowera-hannah-mia-photography-12gig masters

il 570xN.272389654jezebel charms il 570xN 195608848plastique

11 heathclif 1747892aheathcliff o'malley

il 570xN.344743377BeSpoke Union Jack Bags with Wedding Tag 2vintage amethyst

large 10047 594359 2r&r country il 570xN.328324415cherry pie lane

wallpaper-design-cool-britannia-celebrating-royal-wedding-with-flags-and-ballons-588x588graham & brown

 Screen shot 2011-04-20 at 3.19.07 PMlove.luck.kisses.cake.  

08-table-setting-royal-inspiration-red-blue-white-elegantdelightfully engaged

278449189431358248 u0ubjlUX cAndrew  Squires

Absobloodylootely irresistible. How does one not fancy all these British lovelies and want to jump the pond for a visit??! Let's go!


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11 Jul

Emi-Jay-Product-jpg 222551


I am a bit obsessed with these hair ties (along with everyone else including Jennifer Aniston, Demi Lovato and Jessica Simpson)

The color palette and patterns work with any color crush or wedding party. And I adore how they not only look good layered but also on my wrist with the rest of my arm candy.



I originally was a fan of the basic hair tie but i {HEART} how they have embellished them with crystal.

cart-1aquamarinehairtiewithsilvercrystalbead-lg cart-dovegreyhairtiewithsilvercrystalflower-lg

...and their multi-strand headbands are gorgeous.


I do have to admit they are also the Perfect DIY hair tie if you are the DIY'n kind. I was actually able to make the basic ones easy-peasy as I loved to be able to pick my own colors and patterns. A tutorial is not even really necessary but here is a good one if needed.

The key is finding the elastic and embellishments. I suggest trying Elastic by the Yard and ArtBeads.com as they have worked well for me!


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11 Jul

kusamalv 1artinfo

Get Ready...Everyone will be seeing dots!

Louis Vuitton released its collaboration with the legendary Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama. WOW. Kusama is known for her avant-garde fashion and signature polka-dot style.

Simple combos and intuitive contrasts make this a sure-fire recipe for success - even for the most conservative.


The collection is called "Infinity Kusama" and features bangles, silk pajamas, handbags, scarves, dresses and shoes.


Yayoi-Kusama-Louis-Vuitton-Lockit-MM-Monogram-Vernis-Dots-Infinity-redbe7c902fb83253e942a517995e8aa800be0ed956 m  Dots-Infinity-Snood-Yellow 



See the entire collection here.

For those of us who can't afford a piece of this where fashion meets art, Louis Vuitton will debut an iPad app where users can take photos and turn them into a Yayoi Kusama motif.

How cute to add a touch of polka dot in your wedding....balloons. bow tie. sash.cake. clutch or even your photo booth back drop? Irresistible fun & happy!


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09 Jul

I am Olympics junkie. Hands down. I stay up way too late watching trials, qualifying heats, medal ceremonies and back stories on athletes.

I love the anticipation of the Opening Ceremonies and wondering who will be holding the American flag? how will the torch be lit? and most importantly...what will Team USA be wearing?!?!

Not being good at surprises, I had to at least do a little sneak peek and see who is designing for the athletes...and a few are my all-times faves!


Team USA {Ralph Lauren}

Polo-Ralph-Lauren-2012-Olympic-Closing-Ceremony-Team-USA-Groupthe fabulous report

Ralph Lauren London 2012 Announcement highresbrnd.

Mr. Lauren exudes Americana and is undoubtedly a perfect choice - classic, a bit preppy with a bit of a sporty edge. L.O.V.E.


Team Great Britain {Stella McCartney + Adidas}

7010590221 01b2accdc9 ztennis buzz

I love the contemporary and modern feel to the Union Jack flag. Sporty Spice would thinks this represents. Brill!


Team Italy {Giorgio Armani}

giorgio armani olympics 600x450luxpresso

Armani is hoping to have won gold with his designs as he included the words to the national anthem of Italy on the inside of the opening ceremony jacket. Figgata! 


Team Jamaica {Cedalla Marley + Puma}

 Highsnobette-Puma-Cedella-Marley8-518x540house of marley

Not only may Team Jamaica have the world's fastest man in Usain Bolt, the designs of Cedalla Marely, daughter of Bob Marley, may prove the most interesting. The meshing of the Jamaican flag and likeness of the jungle canopy found on their island proves fashion forward and sporty.


 Team Canada {The Hudson Bay Company}

 480x277 team canada uniformsthe hudson bay company

With a team of designers at The Hudson Bay Company including Chantel Burton, the Canadian uniforms are quietly confident and represent the great outdoors and summer north of the border.


Team Australia {Sportscraft + Volley}



Australian athletes actually collaborated with the designers at Sportscraft and Volley on the classic yet modern uniforms in the retro green and gold. The shoes by Volley are all the rage and getting a major thumbs up from the Aussies.


The influence of fashion on the 2012 London Olympics is amazing. Opening Ceremonies uniforms were even unveiled this year at some of the  Mercede Benz Fashion Weeks all around the world?!!?

With this many people center stage from all over the world, you can't find a better place for inspiration on many levels - hard work, patriotism, dreams, drama, entertainment, flags and personality. Set your DVRs if you have to because you really won't want to miss this!


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06 Jul

Celebrity weddings are so-crazy hyped - and I'm the first in line to see pics of THE dress. SO curious what these brides will choose as they often have endless access to designers?!?

With Drew, Matthew and Alec just getting hitched...and the ongoing mumblings about the where and whens of Angelina, inspired me to think of my top celebrity wedding dresses.

It was an easy list...here they are. I SWOON over each of these!

 weddCarolyn Bissette, Narcisco Rodriguez

portiaPortia de Rossi, Zac Posen

 Gwen-Stefani-de-rosa-John-GallianoGwen Stefani, John Galliano for Christian Dior

chelsea-clinton-300x400Chelsea Clinton, Vera Wang

Ivanka Trump wedding pictureIvanka Trump, Vera Wang

aniston-pitt-278x328Jennifer Aniston, Lawrence Steele 

reese-witherspoon-wedding-dressReese Witherspoon, Monique Lhuillier

kate-middleton-royal-wedding-prince-william-dress-590jn042911Kate Middleton, Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen

Timeless. Stunning. Wishing for happily ever after (even if it isn't in this dress).


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06 Jul



Not only am I little obsessed with the TV show, Bun Heads, I am totally digging the top knot that is quickly trending this summer to be the hottest (or really coolest) up-do of the season.

Learn how to do the perfect top knot here and here...while checking out some of my faves!

Top, side, low and messy...

sarah-jessica-parker-high-updo-bun-hairstyle-chanel-party-08celeb salon Taylor-Swift-lbun-hairstyle-2012your hairstyler

 michelle williams bunKira Pinski Twisted-bun-hairhairstyles 2012

3996446245 0c4c273891 largebeautiful, anything

topknot9Le Blog De Betty

tumblr kpjyqyvqE31qzm64no1 400 largebeautiful, anything photography-e4bfe4ef0a0d0506c85b11358ce4f108 hvisualize us

topknot10the glitter guide

It's hard to mess up - and you don't even have to use a brush! Add a vintage comb or barette for effortless chic. Simply fab.


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21 Jun

hudgensbeyoncenailsImage via JustPeachy 

I'm not sure if I'm channeling my inner-Beyonce or Rhianna but I am a fan of painitng my ring fingers different colors than the rest.

So fun - especially with all the great nail colors out there! I am always debating between a couple colors anyway so this is a perfect option. And super cool when accenting an awesome ring.

My personal favorite is neutral on all nails with a bright or neon shade on the ring fingers. Love.



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