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GetMarried is an inspirational haven for brides-to-be, wedding planners or just plain wedding geeks and gurus! GetMarried spends its energy on spotlighting fresh ideas, charming details and stylish trends.

GetMarried offers a comprehensive point of view and provide a forum to exchange ideas, thoughts and favorite things. The site features a blog-esque format to encourage conversation among its friends. Guest contributors will also offer a fresh point of view and new stories on featured categories.

The focus of GetMarried is on enhancing moments that celebrate love, friendship and all things life has to offer - and most importantly, weddings. The site inspires you to go and do the things you want for your big day - or any other occasion. GetMarried is a place where inspiration meets celebration and becomes you!

Complemented by a dedicated Facebook page and Pinterest boards, RSS Feeds and Email, GetMarried is very much a pictorial site allowing photography and design to tell stories that evoke delight, thought and inspiration. GetMarried will showcase real weddings and welcome submissions from its readers.

GetMarried is full to the brim with what brides are looking for. Some regular features include: Today I Love..., ColorCrush, My Pinterest Picks, FabFinds along with how-to advice, real wedding stories, tips, trends, fashion, photography, valuable blogs, planning details and invitations galore.

We hope it becomes a favorite stop when planning your wedding day, happy celebrations – or just need a little inspiration!


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