16 Sep


Ever since I went up north this summer and found some of the most wonderful pieces of fallen birch trees, I have been wanting to come up with the perfect project where I could showcase them. Always entertaining and always on the hunt for cool cake stands, I thought what better way to customize a cake stand than with my birch logs and favorite plates!

It was ridiculously easy so I'm even more excited to share...

Here's what you will need:

  • Various birch logs cut to your desired height (or any other tree branch for that matter...I just like the contrast in the white bark of birch.)
  • Sandpaper
  • Gorilla Glue
  • Dinner or salad plates, round or square (The base of the plate needs to cover the diameter of the log.)
  • Sharpie 


Fortunately, my DIY pal, Jodi of One Simple Dream is quite handy with the saw so she was able to cut my log into a few different sizes since ultimately, I want different heights at the dessert table.

For all you power tool junkies, she used a Dewalt sliding compund miter saw with a 12" fine toothed Dewalt carbid blade. Serious stuff.



Note: The straighter the logs, the easier to cut and the less time will be needed to sand the top (sometimes sanding is needed to insure the plate sits level.) Also, if the log diameter is less than 5" it will be easier to cut as you won't need to rotate the log while cutting (which is what we had to do!)

Now here's the super duper easy part...

First, set the plate upside down and align the log on the bottom. Put a few dots around the log to insure you can center it when glueing it on.


Now add glue to the end of the log that will hold the plate. Keep the glue in at least an inch from the edge of the log since the glue expands. That Gorilla Glue rocks! (And, you need less than you think.)


Next turn over the log, glue facing down and realign with the dots on the bottom of the plate. Add pressure and then let it sit upside down for at least 20 minutes.


Turn over and yipee! It's finished! You now have the ideal modern rustic cake stand.IMG_6149.jpg



And the perfect touch for my donut bar...


I'm in love with how they turned out...and can't help but think that these would be the most awesome gifts, centerpieces and of course, the coolest serving plates!


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Photography: Jordi Lee Photography

20 Aug


The perfect favor that keeps on giving.

Featured in a bridal shower earlier this summer on GetMarried, these DIY bird seed feeders generated alot of interest and readers wanting to know the how-to!

Naturally, I enlisted the help of my DIY-guru and friend, Jodi Storlie of One Simple Dream and am happy to share how we recreated these favors, originally inspired by Under the Sycamore. 

Here's what you need for one batch - (6) 3"x2" favors:

  • 1 cup of water
  • 2 cups of small bird/finch bird seed
  • 2 packets of Knox® gelatine, unflavored
  • straws, cut into 2" pieces
  • cookie cutters
  • ribbon, twine or strips of fabric
  • Pam® cooking spray
  • cookie sheet
  • wax paper

Additonal supplies:

  • cello bags
  • gift tag


First, you will need to bring the water to a small boil in a saucepan. Dissolve the packets of gelatine in the water, stirring with a whisk. Turn off burner and let cool for a couple minutes.

Pour in 2 cups of bird seed and mix well. If the mixture seems to be too watery, add more bird seed and let stand.


Line a cookie sheet with wax paper and spray the cookie cutters liberally with the cooking spray.


Spoon the seed mixture into the cookie cutters, making sure to press firmly and fill the cookie cutter completely.


Stick the straws into each one where you think the feeder will hang best. (Just not too close to an edge!)


Place in the freezer for at least 10 minutes to harden. Then gently release the feeder from the cookie cutter. (Eek! this part makes me a little nervous...hence, the encouragement for a liberal application of the cooking spray.)

IMPORTANT: Thread twine (ribbon or fabric strips) through the straw before you remove it from the feeder.


Let the feeders dry for at least 48 hours.  

Wa-lah! Now you can make a bee line to the tree and hang for your feathered friends, put in a cute bag for favors or use as the ultimate nature-inspired gift tag!



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Photo credit: Jordi Lee Photography

02 Jul


First of all I can't believe it's already July 4th?!? And with that bit of anxiety, I needed a last minute garland to help boost the upcoming holiday festivities! And there's nothing better than garland to help do that...

A bit obsessed with felt lately, I thought we'd take a crack at making a patriotic garland that resembles the glorious bunting often draped around a town square...but mini!

With the help of crafter-extraordinaire, Jodi of One Simple Dream, we created a charming garland that could be used for any occasion if you just swap out the colors!

Here's what you will need:

IMG 9796

Grab your template for the circles...in my case, a juice glass! Trace onto the felt. You should be able to get at least 20 circles per 12x12 sheet of felt. 

IMG 9797

Our 9 foot garland needed 72 total circles (total quantity varies depending on how you like your spacing). I cut out 24 of each color. 

IMG 9802

Stack four circles of felt on top of each other. You can chose to do all of the same in the stack or vary it! I did a little of each.

Sew directly down the middle of each stack of four. Cut excess thread.


Sew 18 circle stacks and pull apart to fluff each pouf. Pouf!



Cut 9 feet of the baker's twine and thread on a needle. I strongly recommend using a needle with a large "eye" as the baker's twine can be challenging to thread (but it's cuteness is key and worth every minute you spend threading that needle!)

Tie a double knot on each end and thread the poufs through the center.


Evenly space the poufs and hang!


Oh say can you see...a fun and festive garland!?!


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Photo credit: Jordi Lee Photography

13 Jun

Ever wonder how you could possibly repurpose all of those old trophies you have packed away in storage?! Inspired by my hoarding of childhood trophies which feature the most eclectic collection of trophy tops - a rabbit, a horse, a soccer player, a cheerleader - I realized that I loved the tops and what they represented (okay, maybe I a little personal validation of my childhood feats?!)

And what better way to make what is old, new again than transform these trophies into fresh and modern wine stoppers! It is so easy that you can even do it just in time for Father's Day!


Here's what you need:

  • Trophy Top (Can be salvaged from antique stores, flea markets or even your storage unit! Can also be purchased at your local trophy store or online.)
  • Wine Bottle Cork (Preferably a medium tapered cork (standard for wine bottles), purchased at my local hardware store or can be found online in bulk.)
  • Drill with 5/32 drill bit
  • Super glue
  • Empty wine bottles (the perfect excuse to have another glass!)
  • Paint (optional)


First, pre-drill the cork with the drill bit (a 5/32 bit is what we used). The size of the bit should be just a tad smaller than the threads on the trophy top. Drill 1/2 the length of the cork.


Next (and finally), add just a a dab of Super Glue to the threads of the trophy and screw the top into the cork.


Yahoo! Coolest wine stopper ever complete.

horsecork IMG_9309.jpg

These are as good as gold but how about adding a pop of color?! We painted, dipped and sprayed a few and I'm in love with the results!



When painting with a paint brush, we used Martha Stewart Acrylic Craft Paint in Chipotle from Michaels. Put washi tape on the trophy top to create a nice edge and prevent the paint from bleeding. Paint with a brush. Remove tape and let dry.

IMG 9331

To dip paint the trophy, we used Annie Sloan's Chalk Paint in Graphite to create a modern matte finish. I recommend putting some of the paint in a small container and dipping the trophy in the paint to the desired amount. Hang to dry with a paper towel underneath to catch any drips. (Make sure to gently wipe any drips off the bottom of the trophy before they dry!)  This horse head is MY FAVE!


If you are opting to spray paint, I recommend finding a scrap piece of wood and drill some holes the size of the threads of the trophy. Place the trophy tops in the holes. Spray with small even strokes. Let dry. We used Rust-Oleum Spray Paint in Chrome to make this football player nice and shiny!

IMG_9248.jpg IMG_9321.jpg

Not only are these wine stoppers a great gift but I would love to use these as part of a centerpiece or table numbers! What a fun way to show off your skillz (even if they are wannabe)...or even cheers to the glory days!



Photo credit: Jordi Lee Photography


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30 Apr

IMG 6339

Who doesn't love a sweet surprise...to give OR to receive on May 1?!?

While May Day Baskets are not as popular in the States as they are across the pond, they are super sweet, a sign of Spring and the anonymity is a nice version of Ding Dong Ditch.

So GetMarried says cheers! to May 1st with a simple DIY for a happy May Day basket...

What you need to get started:

IMG 6300web

  • 8.5 x 11 sheets of fun, happy scrapbook or wrapping paper
  • GetMarried May Day Basket Template (download here)
  • Sheets of tissue paper - or even cute printed wax paper (optional)
  • Blank shipping tags (3 inch works best!)
  • Ribbon, twine
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Glue gun (or roller adhesive)
  • Hole Punch
  • Colorful markers or stamps
  • Fab fresh flowers 

Trace the downloaded template on your choice of paper and cut out the outline of the cone (with the sharpest, not necessarily the prettiest scissors...learned my lesson?!!)


Roll your paper (pattern on the outside) to form a cone. Focus on keeping the point somewhat tight rather than worry about the top aligning at this point. I like to apply the glue in a two-step process to make the shaping of the cone more manageable. Add a few drops near the point of the cone first and then continue rolling the cone before adding glue along with rest of the edge.


IMG 6315

Once your cones are complete. Punch two holes opposite each other for the ribbon. I cut my ribbon in 18 inch lengths (perfect for doorhandles). Tie a knot around each hole (not too tight as to tear the paper) and create a handle for your basket.


Make fun May Day tags with markers or stamps...and then tie around the cone with twine. You can also just tie the tag onto the ribbon (much easier!). Wrap a sweet bouquet of fresh flowers from the market (or your backyard if you are ever so lucky on this day in May!?!) with tissue or wax paper with a fun, contrasting print.

IMG 6325 step6 IMG 6334 step7

Wa-La! A May Day basket that will brighten the day of neighbors and strangers alike...

IMG 6348 carIMG 6354 dppr


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Photo credit: Jordi Lee Photography


12 Nov

hello friend

Oh, hello friend...I have found a new happy place!

Oh Hello Friend has recently reopened their shop with a new format - and I am so excited about the wonderful array of products. Vintage-inspired curiosities at their best. I honestly heartPink everything.


hellofriend8 hellofriend2





The rubber stamp line is ridiculously adorable - and one of my favorites...



hellofriend17 hellofriend18


Always a blog on my list of Favorite Reads, Oh Hello Friend seems like an old friend...with an awesome shop! It is sure to be a place where I will put things on my wish list as well as get some goodies for those on my gift giving list!


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Photo credit: Oh Hello Friend

06 Aug


Along with uber large balloons, I can't get enough of the tassel garland.

I found the perfect tutorial for this DIY on The Sweetest Occasion by Lovely Indeed that I couldn't resist sharing with you. I adore the color palette - especially with the pop of metallic. 

Here's the super easy scoop on how you can whip this up for your next party!

You will need:

  • Various colors of tissue paper - even mylar for that metallic pop!
  • Scissors
  • Glue gun
  • Cord

First, fold one sheet of tissue paper in half width-wise, then fold it over twice length-wise. With your scissors, cut strips of fringe about 1/4" wide along the unfolded short edge of your twice folded tissue, leaving about 2" of uncut tissue at the folded edge.


 Unfold your two length-wise folds and cut the tissue in the center, creating two folded halves. Set one aside.

IMG 9022

Open your remaining half and lay it out. You should have a sheet of tissue with fringe on both sides and a solid section down the center. Using the solid center section, begin to roll the tissue paper, carefully keeping the fringe untangled.

IMG 9025

After the entire section is rolled, twist the center tightly. Then curl it to create a loop and secure with a small dot of hot glue if needed.

IMG 9030

twist 1

Trim the ends to even it out and string your tassel on your cord. Repeat until you have as many as you like!

Hang until your heart's content. These scream fun. chic. fancy. (and wouldn't they be so festive around the holidays?!)


{Photos by Lovely Indeed via The Sweetest Occasion}



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16 Jul

4251 2ssLfjordilee photography

Burlap = Rustic chic...instantly! I am over the moon about all the burlap potential and a wedding.

The texture and colors are amazing. It's versatile, accessible, can be DIY easy and it's reasonable. The perfect way to add a touch of country swank.

Just when I thought chevrons rocked my world...OMG...check out these charming burlap details!

burlap-boutinierressouthern living

burlapThe Blue Envelope

il 570xN.281685938nana montana

etsy-rustic-burlap-wedding-ring-bearer-pillowwhich goose

emmalinebrideproject U

IMG 5407 JessicaJeff Rehearsal Rachelx600millie holman iwishedforyoui wished for you

5045416001 0cb574aee6kio kreations

hilton-head-weddings-southern-inspiration-burlap-3once wed

il 570xN.350415792Rachelelise w-burlap-classics-h-su12toms

wedding-program-diyintimate weddings

il 570xN.316588286sweet caroline jams il 570xN.352395184 1swcNana Montana

4678 2ssjordilee photography

il 570xN.327418496made by nanna  annaetsyanna runa

etsy-southern-bucket-monogram-burlap-beverage-wine-weddinga southern bucket

charleston-weddings-southern-inspiration-burlap-3a low country wedding IMG 0416rustic wedding chic

il 570xN.342686511mini baker shop

il 570xN.344997987silkilizard il 570xN.338069536burlap art by elizabeth

etsy-burlap-birds-red-love-heart-wedding-cake-toppercotton bird designs

16044142392608984 eOBETYho fstyle me pretty

naturefavorsnature favors thehairofthedogthe hair of the dog

thumb 1sugarboo farms

il 570xN.323166673hunt & gather paper

 burlap2lavender & ash

Bride-and-Groom-seats-600x922rustic wedding chic

il 570xN.343796064love in a mason jar

 So, so, so cute...

If you are in the DIY mood, burlap can be found online for under 2 bucks a yard! And one of my favorite ways to add burlap is to use jute webbing. BurlapFabric.com is a great resource and hasa variety of colors available. 

il fullxfull.313015940

Otherwise, Etsy is your sure-fire place for burlap accents. Hands down it's a perfect option when creating bunting, runners and other rustic accents (and easier to handle!) for any celebration!


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11 Jul

Emi-Jay-Product-jpg 222551


I am a bit obsessed with these hair ties (along with everyone else including Jennifer Aniston, Demi Lovato and Jessica Simpson)

The color palette and patterns work with any color crush or wedding party. And I adore how they not only look good layered but also on my wrist with the rest of my arm candy.



I originally was a fan of the basic hair tie but i {HEART} how they have embellished them with crystal.

cart-1aquamarinehairtiewithsilvercrystalbead-lg cart-dovegreyhairtiewithsilvercrystalflower-lg

...and their multi-strand headbands are gorgeous.


I do have to admit they are also the Perfect DIY hair tie if you are the DIY'n kind. I was actually able to make the basic ones easy-peasy as I loved to be able to pick my own colors and patterns. A tutorial is not even really necessary but here is a good one if needed.

The key is finding the elastic and embellishments. I suggest trying Elastic by the Yard and ArtBeads.com as they have worked well for me!


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05 Jul


Super. Cute. I found these adorable daisy lollipops on the blog Funkytime and immediately knew they were share-worthy. What a perfect summer wedding favor.

Here is a tutorial...it's quick, easy and no-mold needed! 

Daisy Lollipops

You will need:

2 cups of sugar

2/3 cups of water

1/8 teaspoon Cream of Tartar

2-3 drops of flavoring oil

daisy of other edible flower (lavender, pansies, chamomile...)


Combine the sugar and Cream of Tartar with the water. Stir them together until the sugar is dissolved. Boil the mixture until its 290 degrees F. (Or put a drop of it in cold water which results in a hard bead.)

Remove from heat and add the flavoring oil. Pour the mixture into the prepared molds as shown here. Place a little daisy carefully face down on the hot candy. Pour a little bit more hot candy over the flower to cover the backside.


Cool down and wipe the powdered sugar off the lollies. Rinse them with a little bit of water to get all of the sugar off.

daisy-lollipops-31Images via Funkytime

Waa-lah! Happy Lollies! Thank u Funkytime...


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20 Jun

Chalkboard wedding details are such an amazing way to add charming details to your wedding without breaking bank all while adding personality+ to your celebration!

These custom signs add the perfect punch to menus, escort cards - and even your photo booth or invitatations!

Check out some of my faves that you could easily whip up yourself (or enlist the help of some new found friends on Etsy!).

Chalkboard floralCenterpiece via Style Me Pretty Chalkboard Photo PropChalkboard Photo Prop via Ruffled

Save the DateSave the Date via Minted

oldSchoolUnder the Willows Boutique - Invitations by Dawn

ceremony platformCeremony Platform via The Loveliest Day

Chalkboard wine bottlesChalkboard Bottles via Ruthi Auda Chalkboard doorChalkboard door via Benfield Photography 

Photo propsPhoto Booth Props via Itty Bitty Wedding

chalkboard labelsChalkboard Labels via Etsy printable chalkboard invitationsPrintable Invitations via Etsy

 Happy Chalking!!

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