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07 Mar


As many pictures as I take, I tend to have a hard time sitting down and putting them in a book?! Always my rainy day project that gets pushed to the next rainy day...

I stumbled upon the idea of making an Instagram book from Blurb - and I am so happy I did as well as had the gumption to go ahead and do it (no rainy day needed!)



Instagram seems to capture truly candid randomness that makes up my life - especially when you see it in print! Love it. No more excuses as it was SO EASY to do. The IDEAL way to bundle and share your most real and memorable people, places and events.

I know I will be making more...and to see all my candid randomness, follow me on Instagram.


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25 Feb

bowtie dibi

I'm a huge fan of the bow tie. I'm even known to don one myself every now and then. So while at Indie Wed in Chicago earlier this month, I was a bit giddy when I stumbled upon DiBi Ties. 

dibitiescottoncandy dibitiesseersucker dibitiesherringbone

The fabric choices are divine...awesome textures of corduroy, seersucker, herringbone and plaids that made me weak in the knees. I love a good tie...

 dibitiesbucktownbrown dibitiesknit dibitiespurplessilvertripe

and the cuff link collection is way cool. That emerald set is PERFECT.

dibitiesemeraldcufflinks diibtiesaquamancufflinks dibitiesblacksilvercufflinks

But this lifestyle company is much cooler than the ties and accessories alone.

I loved meeting the founder and designer (and cutie!) Daniel Bruce. So cool in the most unassuming way.

 IMG 9739photo by jordi lee photography

Not only was he passionate about his designs but also eager to share how he pays it forward with the DiBi Foundation. Portions of the proceeds from DiBi Ties goes to the DiBi Foundation where teaching kits are purchased and provided to rural communities around the world. Who doesn't love that?!?


P.s. I even saw Channing Tatum sporting a DiBi Tie on the GQ Men of the Year cover. Told you it was good stuff all around.


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Photo credit: DiBi Ties

20 Feb


I have a sweet spot for woodland creatures and I have discovered the sweetest pendants featuring a hand-painted cast of woodland characters. 

I am a bird does original paintings which are then suspended in high gloss resin in a wood slice retrieved from wine barrels. Such charming portraits. Others feature original artwork hand-painted on recycled wood from the wonderful Canadian landscape (and maybe even from her Grandfather's orchard!)




I agree...it must be nice to be a bird.


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Photo credit: I am a bird

15 Feb



I have an affection for silhouettes. Such great modern heirlooms to have!

So when I found Simply Silhouettes of Portland, Oregon and their silhouettes, they were a must share item as these go beyond your wedding.

In addition to cake toppers, Simply Silhouettes also have the most adorable framed silhouette options (even for your pet!) along with pillows, chalkboard signs and plates becoming the most memorable event accents and keepsakes. Great gifts.

simplysilohuettetopper simplysilohettecake


simplysilohuettechalkboard simplysilohuettepillow
 simplysilohuette2 simplysilohuettepet



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Photo credit: Simply Silhouettes

13 Feb


If it's raining, if it's pouring...and even if it's not, I LOVE these Missoni umbrellas!

The kaleidoscope of colors is inspiring and hypnotic...and down-right stunning. Italian-made, these parasols are  a worthy accessory rain or shine! 

missoniumbrell2   missoniumbrella6  missoniumbrella4

I found these on a recent HauteLook event sale but various patterns can be found at a number of Missoni retailers including Saks, Neiman Marcus and Sierra Trading Post.


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Photo credit: HauteLook



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