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02 Jul


Deep breath.

I have been wanting to share Mark and Graham for-EVER. I think I get too overwhelmed because I just love EVERYTHING. SO, I am just going to bite the bullet and share some of my faves because you need to be checking them out if you don't already.

I stumbled upon them when I was putting together my gift guide last holiday season and I have not left them alone since?!? They have become my definite go-to gift shop for wedding, showers, birthdays, graduations, hostess...and of course, treats for myself! Too much perfection at Mark and Graham.

A monogram freak since I got my first Papagallo bag when I was 8...I was taken by these words on their site.

"We believe that a mark is more than a symbol;
it's an artful mingling of typography and design
that turns a gift into a personal gesture."
-mark and graham

Brilliant. You had me at mark...

Check out their amazingly fresh, cool products and monograms...and add them to your wish list, stat! Here some immediate faves of mine.

Undeniably obsessed with their clutches and totes (ask my friends!)...




I am in love with their brass jewelry collection!


Calling all of my sea side and sailing friends, this nautical collection is spot on...


And I can't get enough of the home collection...one of each, please?!?




And my most recent purchase, these stunning copper mugs, ideal for a family favorite libation, the Moscow Mule...cheers!


And the icing on the cake is the impeccable gift box (complimentary every time!) It honestly makes me melt before I even see what's inside!

markgrahamgiftbox2.jpgNow go make your mark...Cheers!

signatureHeather o


Photos courtesy of Mark and Graham


25 Jun


There's nothing better than going up north to spend the weekend with friends at their cabin. One of my favorite things about Minnesota (and Wisconsin) - and summer.

I was recently in Hayward, WI and my main mission for the rainy day was to get some taffy at Tremblay's Sweet Shop (another Today I Love...I little restraint here!)...however, I happened to stumble upon a wonderland of leather, craftsmanship and a fresh take on the moccasin in more colors and styles than imaginable. It was truly love at first sight.

Itasca Leathergoods is a haven for the most fashion-forward moccasins on the market. Minnesota-made and taking up residence in the quaint resort town of Hayward, WI. What a gem! How did I not know about these?!?!

So many color combinations. Plus, cow, buffalo, elk and moose hide to choose from. And even the fluffiest of sheepskin! I could hardly wait to try on a pair - and when I did they felt like butter on my feet. Sold!


And check out this AWESOME wall...love this idea!


You can also make a custom pair with any color combination. I instantly thought these would make THE best gift for your wedding party in your custom colors!


And the men's mocs rock too...


Itasca Leathergoods is a great story with great american-made products. Your feet will thank you and be the envy of everyone! I love these today and everyday...


signatureHeather o


18 Jun


I can't believe I did not have these as my water bottle staples before jsus recently?!! bkr bottles are not only stunning but ALL CLEAN EVERYTHING.

I love the bkr story of two friends sharing the belief that beauty can inspire real change...and that green can be beautiful. And beautiful are the bkr bottles. Glass + silicone.

The silicone sleeves are of the most fetching color palette...so hard to just choose one! And then the limited heart edition. Swoon!


Go green. Drink better water. Own a statement water bottle that not only looks good but does good and will be the envy of everyone. Go bkr.


signatureHeather n


Photos courtesy of: bkr

12 Jun


App Alert! Today I LOVE the photo editing app from a blog favorite, A Beautiful Mess!


Filters, fonts and doodles...oh my! Loaded with cuteness in handwritten phrases and squiggles, you can't help but get dreamy flashbacks of when you doodled around the pictures in your high school yearbook. {Sigh.}

Rising super-duper fast to #1 in the iTumes App Store, the app does come with a minimal charge but I didn't blink at the $0.99 and I'm even considering paying for a few of the add-ons they have available.

ABM8.jpeg ABM9.jpeg
ABM10.jpeg ABM12.jpeg
ABM7.jpeg  ABm6.jpeg
ABM11.jpeg ABM13.jpeg 

The interface is easy to use and sharing is a piece of cake. Pull in photos from your camera roll or choose from fun background options (the legal pad is a fave!). You can add, move, resize and change colors every step of the way!

ABM5.png ABM4.png
ABM15.png ABM3.png

ABM is the perfect way to amp up your Instagram pics. Make sure and #ABeautifulMess as Elsie and Emma love to check out everyone's beautiful mess!


 signatureHeather o


31 May


Cake plate obsessed, I fell head over heels for these whimsical numbers by IMM Living via Pure Home.

The horse head was a must-have and CANNOT WAIT to use it! But I do love the display with all of the animals together...so fun that they truly do "take the cake!"



signatureHeather o


Photos courtesy of Pure Home




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